HEALING JOURNALING AND SELF COACHING, this workshop suitable for everyone presents and accompanies you in the practice of the easiest and most efficient tools with which you can transform habits and measure impacts in your own life for the short and long term. The objective is that you can have tools that you can practice yourself to redirect yourself psychologically and through comprehensive health to achieve personal, family and professional goals. Transform your life with just a pencil and paper! One week two hours per day

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THE 5 ELEMENTS OF YOGA AND AYURVEDA, this profound wisdom workshop is a before and after in the life of absolutely all participants. Its objective is to present and accompany you to a deep understanding of your habits and decisions to identify their roots in the 5 elements of nature and their respective characteristics with the efficient way to optimize their benefits, as well as to be able to foresee what could produce their imbalance. Most think that knowing their nature in depth is complicated but it is quite the opposite when instead of so many beliefs and judgments breakitdown in 5 elements that are easy to identify and understand. 5 days that will transform your life. 5 weeks 3 hours per day puts day at week

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DETOX RETREAT, this weekend retreat consists of three nights and two full days in places immersed in nature where everything is included so that you can have a complete detox on an emotional, physical and psychological level. YOGA DETOX classes, helath coaching, detox foods, heuman ecology, meditation, healing journaling, etc. Give yourself the best gift and come back light and empty, again for a new life.

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Individual YOGA & Mindfulness Psychotherapy

$120 one session

$800 eight sessions

$1,200 twelve sessions

$1,500 Special
offer for four sessions in a month